"(...) there is no point in saving the dead                     That's a Shinigami's job.

You should learn how to save the people who are alive (...)"

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"Well if it has nothing to do with me then why don’t you want to stay and just play a little game with me?"


"I don’t think that our conversation gets less pointless than it already is. It’s time for me to leave." 


I think it’s been half a year now since I starter RPing on Tumblr. I came into this Fandom nervous as heck and with no clue of what I was doing. But somehow I slowly started to improve myself and gained some confidence. I am now at a point where I feel overwhelmed by all the activity I get from so many of you and I can’t be more grateful.

Everyone I interact with here has been amazing. It’s always interesting to see how everyone portray a character in their own special way.

On this Follow Forever I try to include those who have been with me all the way since the beginning and those of you who have helped me grow and be more confident in how I portray this Character.

I thank all of you who have been with me all this time and had to deal with this Asshole of a King for such a long time. Thank you.

Spechial thanks to my most precious partners.


Where do I start with you… Honestly I don’t think I would still be here if it where not for you. If there is anyone who I am certain I can call a real friend it’s you. I always feel like I can send you anything at any time. Be it IC or OOC. There is nothing I can’t talk to you about and whenever I need it you will be there with lost of comforting words. And I always have a laugh making my muse bother yours, Thank you for always being there for me.


Dark, you are an amazing Ichigo and never let anyone tell you different. I owe you everything as your muse was the reason I got the motivation and courage to pick up mine. Not only that, but you where the first person to follow me and at that moment I was so extremely happy. All the Not-OK things we do together always make me emotional, but happy. 


I am not sure how you manage with all those muses of yours. You put the best of us to shame. But still many of those muses have managed to capture my heart. And even His Majesty’s. I am not sure how you did it but somehow you manage to open Yhwach heart with your Kuro muse. Something I could never imagine happening with such a character. 


What to say. I am surprised you have not kicked me of the planet with how much I have have made my Yhwach bother your Ichigo. But your Ichigo have certainly tried, I am pretty sure he would send Yhwach to the moon if he could, or the Sun more like it. But, for some reason you always answer to us and almost never try to kill us. I hope you realize that the ask invasion is simply a sign of fatherly love . 


I have no idea how, but in such a short time you have manage to fill a very special part of muns and His Majesty’s(empty) heart. The way you play Ichigo is flawless and I am always looking forward to have my asks and threads answered by you. You where the kind of Ichigo I could only dream about interacting with, one that seem to appreciate and understand Ichigo’s relationship with Zangetsu and Yhwach in the same way as I do. And now here you are playing with me.

Other very precious partners

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People I have yet to interact with and\or mostly admire from afar

thewhitemperor sternritterdiehitze mxmoru kuroberry doctor-ishida florem-magister snowxreaper engxtsu nobilitism notquincy basutabain derangedexistence lunaeterea deumultima x-custodis erkiengill ekragei pestilentiia omacek occidetetserpens darkritter ishidauryuu ikkaku-marmalade kiraa-hachi tearful-cadenza petit-shinigami patereius dehonestus hitogoroshii hushedillusion princessofsixflowers luneneige ctpax-holle

If you feel like you should have been on this list but arenot, i am sorry. I really appreciate all my followers but I simply can’t include all. Remember to stay Amazing. Thank you all for sticking with me for so long!



                ❝ —— For a moment, I might have accused you of using a
                tone of worry… for my safety, even. But we know that isn’t true, now
                is it? Besides, I don’t understand how you could say such a thing when
                Grandfather was the only one who stayed beside me while you couldn’t
                have seemed to care less. ❞


"Everything about you is so doubtful…not only your skills but words too. Grandfather satisfied your whim while I was doing my best to keep you away from the things you couldn’t handle and which would eventually lead to your death. That’s really mean of me." 


Truth be told, there was no way he would have let him come at all.

Clearing his throat, he nodded. Ok, Ryuken had a point there. Uryu probably should be the one here talking to him, telling him about his life. However, the animosity between them was almost too much to overcome.


"I hope you don’t think I’m speaking out of turn, Dr. Ishida." He started, meeting the mans eyes, almost giving him an apologetic smile. "If I had a son, no matter what I thought of their choices, I wouldn’t allow the chance to be with them slip away. Especially if that son was like Uryu. He has a heart and a strength that are almost too big for him to handle."

Looking down at his feet, Chad gave a small shrug. This was the most he had even spoken to the man, and he was not sure if he should have said that much. “Just..the way I view it, of course.”

He really appreciated the fact that the boy in front of him happened to be mature enough to face him and talk like a responsible man. That was something admirable considering his age and completely brainless company of his. 

Ryuken kept the eye-contact, however his eyes remained as calculating as ever, only slightly furrowed brows showed his annoyance. As much as he liked the other’s straightforwardness, he wasn’t going to take tips how to deal with his son from not knowing anything youngster like him. 

But then, again, that youngster had a point. Uryu’s gentle heart was indeed a serious threat for his life and definitely clouded his common sense. Ryuken couldn’t really agree with possessed by Uryu strength, but he wasn’t going to argue. Everyone defined strength differently. 


"I wouldn’t say that any of you care about my opinion. If you treat your relationship so seriously that you want my blessing then I believe that my son should be mature enough and be here with you.” For real, teenagers and their great love adventures. At some point it made him happy that Uryu found someone he decided to trust so much, but on the other hand he felt headache coming at the thought of all future heartbreaks and disappointments. 



                ❝ Grandfather never judged… friends were friends, regardless of
                what or who they were. But I guess that’s something you wouldn’t
                understand, is it, father? ❞

"My father always put Quincy duties above family. I wish you could understand that being Quincy isn’t about running around and attacking everything you see with spiritual energy . Especially if you’re not good at it. It’s not worth of dying, Uryu.” 



notquincy replied to your post



                         you better listen what your father has to say



                ❝ Pardon my ignorance, but doesn’t a father’s duty also include 
                being active in his son’s life? I’ve yet to hear the stories of how
                telling your child that they’re useless has been effective. ❞

"Correct me if I’m wrong, Uryu, but for how many times I told you not to befriend Shinigami? You must be more naive than I think you are if you’re expecting me to approve of your poor life choices."

 yaspookytora  asked:
 "So uh- sir? I feel it's only appropriate to tell you that your son and I are uh. Well. We're dating. And I would appreciate if you would- perhaps give us your blessing?" (also if you would be interested in RP-ing, I'm all about it!)

It was quite courageous to come to the Quincy with confession like that one. Especially that if his son decided to talk about him with his…significant other, it couldn’t be anything pleasant and positive. 

As for the confession itself, Ryuken didn’t show much emotion. He always thought that Orihime would be nice companion for his son, but he didn’t expect Uryu to do anything to get closer with that nice human girl. He always had to do opposite of what his father expected.

Truth to be told, Ryuken had nothing against the boy in front of him, thankfully he wasn’t a Shinigami his son seemed to adore. However he couldn’t refrain from sticking nose into Shinigami’s business. Well, it could’ve been worse. There was the only one thing Ryuken absolutely couldn’t deal with.

"How kind of you to inform me what my son is doing with his life." Among many bad decisions his son has made, that one wasn’t so bad after all. "But I’d appreciate if my own son came here and told me about it himself." 


"What is so bad about us? Is it, because we don’t like Shinigami. We have a good reason not to like them."



"Unfortunately I have my reasons not to like Quincy. Same goes for Shinigami. I’d rather keep them both away from me. As you can see it has nothing to do with you." 

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